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Experienced Counsel for IRS or California Tax Problems

What's Going to Happen to Me?

The three questions I am asked most often are:

  1. Am I going to jail? With rare exceptions, no you will not.
  2. Am I going to lose my house? Only if you continue to ignore those scary letters the IRS has been sending.
  3. Will they [continue to] empty out my bank account? Not if you obtain competent representation.

Do not panic if the IRS or California tax authority has contacted you. It is natural to feel concerned, but you do not have to face an audit or other tax issue on your own. I am Irvine tax attorney Scott Kauffman, and with decades of experience, I am ready to discuss your situation with you immediately during your initial consultation.

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Experienced Tax Representation: Protecting Californians' Interests

I am a tax attorney based in Irvine and Orange County, California, with advanced degrees in tax law and nearly 30 years of overall legal experience. I have devoted well over 20 years exclusively to tax work, so at my firm you can take advantage of my skill, resources and capabilities to help you or your business overcome adversity. I have the wide-ranging knowledge to advise you on a full range of tax issues before you run into problems or before they escalate further.

Experienced Legal Counsel on Tax Debt, Investigations and Defense

There are few more feared powers and imposing legal opponents than the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is truer than ever with an active, ongoing movement to increase audits, add collectors and crack down on anyone suspected of tax crimes, improprieties, avoidance or negligence — especially in California.

My experience in decades of practice extends to a full range of specific areas within tax law. I offer guidance and representation for small businesses and individuals throughout Orange County:

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If the IRS contacts you, that means you are already the target of an active investigation.

I urge you to speak to an experienced Irvine, California, tax lawyer before answering any questions from the IRS. The statements you make to agents, collectors and other representatives can be used against you, even if you are innocent or absolutely honest. You need veteran legal counsel to present your case in the best light, and to work to minimize any penalties and fight any criminal charges.

Client Testimonial:

"After interviewing several tax attorneys, we chose Scott. We are very satisfied with the result. He is professional, prompt, and courteous. I am a CFP and would comfortably recommend Scott to my clients."

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