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Tax Crimes Archives

Digital currency exemption to be considered

The indication is that the IRS is going after digital currency after a summons of Coinbase for information on member accounts. This is as Bitcoin has continued to climb in value and other digital assets like Ethereum and LiteCoin are becoming more commonly accepted methods of payment.

Ransomware, the dark net and taxes

Federal criminal investigations related to fraud, theft, money laundering and drug sales frequently dovetail with tax evasion. Virtual currency exchanges are in the crosshairs for their role in facilitating criminal conduct.

“The public is a victim:” Former tax judge guilty of tax fraud

Irony is a word that comes to mind when reading the facts of a recent case in U.S. District Court in St. Paul. Judge Wilhelmina Wright stated it a little different, “When a person in a position of trust violates that trust, the public is a victim.”

Back taxes: Checking passport validity

Much has been written about the newest IRS collections tool: passport denial and revocation. Passport applications are are not yet being actively denied or revoked based on past due tax debt. The IRS did start certifying tax debts to the State Department in March, however.